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What is Yoga Physio?

Yoga Physio is the utilization of yoga philosophy, positions and movements into physiotherapy treatment.  At Core Connection we combine our advanced knowledge of the human body and physiotherapy training with therapeutic yoga to create an individualized, tailored treatment plan for your body. 

What conditions is Yoga Physio beneficial for?

A comprehensive yoga program improved pain, anxiety and depression in individuals with chronic low back pain (1)

Yoga correlated to a decrease in stress and inflammatory factors in patients with chronic low back pain (2)

A group based yoga therapy intervention decreased urinary incontinence by 70% in women (3)

Women with chronic pelvic pain reported improved pain management and breathing techniques with an 8 week yoga program (4)

At Core Connection we use Yoga Physio for Pelvic Floor Health, Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Yoga, Chronic Pain and much more. 





What does Yoga Physio with Core Connection Physiotherapy look like?

All individuals interested in Yoga Physio will undergo a 1 on 1 initial physiotherapy assessment with one of our Registered Physiotherapists.


During the assessment an extensive physical and medical history will be taken a thorough objective exam performed.


Any past and present injuries, pain or dysfunction will be identified.


The mechanism and contributing factors to your condition will be explained.


If yoga would be beneficial for you based on our findings, our Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Yoga Therapist will work together to create a therapeutic, individualized yoga program specific to your body's needs.