What is your Pelvic Floor?

Your pelvic floor is a group of layered muscles that function the same way our other muscles in our body do. They are designed to contract and relax and they can become weak, tight and painful!

The pelvic floor creates a basket at the bottom of your pelvis. They function to:

- Support internal organs (bladder, uterus, rectum, intestines)

- Maintain bladder and bowel function (continence)

- Allow for voiding, defecation, sexual arousal and sexual activity

- Support growth of child and allow for childbearing

- Act alongside the rest of the “core” to stabilize and transfer load

Let’s talk about all the muscles that attach into your pelvic floor.

🔸Abdominals 🔹Obliques 🔸Glutes 🔹Hip rotators 🔸Paraspinals and other back muscles 🔹Hip flexors 🔸Adductors (inner thigh/groin muscles)

If you have a dysfunction of any of these muscles (weakness, tightness, overuse etc.) it can lead to problems in your pelvic floor.

AND if you have a dysfunction with your pelvic floor muscles (weakness, tightness, overuse etc.) it can lead to issues with ANY of the attached muscles as well!

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