In-Home Physiotherapy

All of Core Connections' physiotherapy, athletic therapy/kinesiology and yoga therapy services are provided within your home, gym or community.


Mobile at-home therapy is designed for anyone who has difficulty leaving the home due to mobility, time constraints or child care. 


Eliminate the commute to/from the clinic, pay a similar price-point and have your rehabilitation incorporated into your day to day life.


Better outcomes are often seen when the "time" factor is eliminated and when exercises are taught within your home.

Physical Therapy Session

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in-home session 

Other Conditions or Reasons for Seeking In-Home Physiotherapy:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation: multiple sclerosis exercises and strengthening, parkinson's exercises and strengthening, post-stroke exercises

  • Pelvic Floor Neurological Rehabilitation: urinary incontinence with multiple sclerosis (leaking or peeing your pants),  overactive bladder with multiple sclerosis (going pee all the time), urinary incontinence with Parkinson

  • Arthritis: arthritis exercises, arthritis pain, knee arthritis, hip arthritis, back arthritis

  • Post-op Physiotherapy: knee replacement exercises, hip replacement exercises, knee replacement physio, hip replacement physio, hip fracture exercises, hip fracture physio

  • Seniors Wellness: exercises for seniors, preventing falls, exercises for preventing falls, balance exercises, physio for balance